Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Modbook sketches

I've bought myself a Modbook. I'm the first person to buy one in Canada. I love it. What's a Modbook? It's a modified Macbook, the first mac tablet computer. So put me in the history books! This thing covers a lot of firsts... It's also my first mac!

Anyway, the reason I bought it is so that I could draw just like I do in an actual paper sketchbook. It's actually easier to draw with it than on my big 18" Wacom Cintiq because I can take it around, sit in front of people and draw from life directly into it! Awesome! It's the computer of my dreams... almost. If it had one of those monitors that you could see in daylight like oin the $100 laptop that would be even more dreamy.

So here are a couple of drawings I did on it... actual drawings from live subjects! Not just photos or made up out of my head! Neat!