Monday, January 14, 2013

Frozen Globes

This got me one of my favorite client responses ever.  Says editor, Guy Quenneville upon receiving final art, "WOW - HOLY CRAP. That's stunning."  Have I mentioned I love working with these guys?  This was art directed by Mike Ericsson, who also art directed the Supergiants illustration (scroll down to June 2011 here in the blog to see it).

UpHere Business Magazine is starting an annual awards ceremony to recognize successful businesses and entrepreneurs in Northern Canada.  The awards are called the Frozen Globes.  They asked me to design an illustration to promote this.  I figured it should look like something that could be turned into an actual award trophy so, to give them the option, the glacial lettering is designed to be isolatable as a pedestal to hold the icy globe above.  I imagine the whole thing made out of coloured glass, maybe with a little LED light inside, and a Star Wars style hologram making the Northern lights shimmer above it.

Friday, January 04, 2013

UpHere Business Magazine Gig

Got another fun job with UpHere Business last month (  For an article about Nasa's recent discovery of a planet 5 times the mass of Earth and 1/3 composed of diamonds.  In a comic book universe this would pose a serious threat to the diamond industry in the Northwest Territories.  Premier of NWT Bob McLeod depicted as a superhero come to save the industry.  Special thanks to Guy Quenneville and the other editors at UpHere for choosing me for the gig and being such great collaborators.