Pricing & Rates

Illustration pricing depends on a few factors, including complexity (my estimated hours of labor), usage rights\copyright buy, and distribution.  And sometimes it's based on they client saying "here's the most I can spend, what can you do for that?" and then we figure something out with the style and level of detail to make it fit in the budget.  

Pricing for illustration also varies a lot depending on what industry it's being used for.  Comics, magazines, corporate, TV, advertising, rendering, storyboarding, technical, educational, information design, book covers, children's books, newspapers, packaging, animation, concept design etc. all have their own ranges of budgets, terms, and industry standards, so there is no set standard fee for an image.  So in order to calculate a rate I often refer to the Graphic Artists Guild Pricing and Ethical Guidelines book (which lists these variables in detail) to confirm my calculations.

If you want a price quote: In order to calculate fees I need to know how the artwork will be used, what media, image size, colour treatment (line art, greyscale, or colour), and a brief description of what you need to accomplish with the image.

Photo Retouching:
I use Adobe Photoshop to enhance and modify your photographs.  Skills I offer are image cleanup, lighting enhancements, colour and contrast manipulations, face and body sculpting, compositing, digital makeup, photo book layout, and photo illustration.
$75 per hour.

Illustration and Drawing Lessons: 
Learn Anatomical structure (humans and animals), figure drawing, perspective, light and shadow, composition, colour, and concept design.  Use paper and pencil, and digital media including Photoshop, Illustrator and Manga Studio EX.
For kids under 18, $40 per hour.
For professional designers, illustrators and artists, $75 per hour.

Photo Retouching Lessons: 
Using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to enhance and modify your photographs.  Image cleanup, face and body sculpting, colour and contrast manipulations, compositing, digital makeup, and more.
Private lessons are $75 per hour.  
Workshops range from about $175 to $300, offered through Trina Koster Photography, see