Friday, March 14, 2014

AIDS Committee Guelph

Here's my homage to 1990's stock illustration.  You used to see a lot of strangely surreal yet cartoony paintings of faceless characters, usually in business suits, doing symbolic corporate stuff like climbing ladders, leaping over obstacles, and working together as a team.  The only thing missing from mine here is the business suit!

Actually, this was an experiment in Corel Painter trying to make generic figures in conversation for the AIDS Committee of Guelph (now being rebranded as ARCH"), for a booklet about challenges and solutions of a "Magnetic" relationship.  "Magnetic" is a term given to a couple where one person is HIV positive and the other is HIV negative.  What a great community service project!

Anyway, after way too many hours of experimenting in Painter (don't worry, I'm not charging by the hour!) I decided to finally take the advice of my client/art director and revert to my normal style of essentially clear line coloured comic art.  Ended up with this, which I think is much better for the project.  Nice and light and friendly. Way less generic but still simple enough faces to relate to a lot of people.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Whiteboard Animation: Feeding Nine Billion

I've been doing a lot of Whiteboard Animation lately.  I love this project, both as a great creative opportunity and because of how valuable this information is to the human species.  It's based on the extensive research of Evan Fraser, who is the driver and director of these videos.

You'll notice these are numbered videos 2 through 5 on YouTube.  Video 1 was done by my buddy Scott Chantler, who got too busy making comics to continue on this project... lucky for me.  Go read Scott Chantler's comics.  He's awesome.  No, wait... first watch these videos, then read MY comics, then read Scott Chantler's Comics. ;-)