Caricatures are a playful way to commemorate people's lives, relationships, careers, accomplishments, passions, and personalities.  These carefully rendered illustration projects make great gifts... and might I suggest would serve as fun avatars, educational or editorial art. ;-)

The Three Amigos
These men were a trio of close dear friends, in a friendship spanning many decades, filled with humour and fun.  This caricature was commissioned by Margaret Smith, the daughter of the fellow on the far left, as a commemoration on the occasion of his funeral.  What a fun and joyful way to celebrate the lives of these three wonderful men!

Margaret had a big batch of these printed up at 11x14" (A standard size for store-bought frames) to give away to the relatives of the guys.

It's one thing for me to look at some photos and make a likeness, but Margaret has a lifetime of impressions of her father that a few photos simply can't capture.  So Margaret and I worked back and forth to get her dad's appearance just right and she was super happy with the result... which makes me super happy too!

I asked Margaret If I could use her emailed words about it as a testimonial and she replied with "Absolutely !!!"  So here are those words, collected from the last few emails between us: "I am very excited!!!"  "That (caricature) is wonderful, thank you so much." and "I couldn't be happier.  Thank you so much for all your effort." and then the topper...
Hi Scott just wanted to let you know that your caricature was a huge hit.  All were thrilled and said it would be framed and hang in their homes.  You certainly told their story well.  Thank you again
– Margaret Smith 

Here is a sample of one I did years ago.  This is before I was working digitally and I didn't properly document or store the final inked version before giving it to the client. This is the tight pencil sketch, to show you how you can bring elements of stories from their lives into the image.  She was a musician who'd met Ren√© Levesque and had an incident with a hot poker.  He had shot a cobra in India in the '40s with a Sten gun during his military service and drove a motorcycle to Glencoe in Scotland.  This was for their 50th anniversary.


The Wedding Gift

Historical Figure
For a comic book project, Charles de Salaberry was instrumental in Canada's successful defence of the American Invasion of 1812.  I drew this in 2012.