Information Design

I have a penchant for information design.  I get all obsessive about creating systems to make key information and tasks more efficient easier to do, understand and remember.  Sometimes this manifests as illustrated graphic design, a.k.a. information design.

Bicycle Boxes

This was for the City of Guelph via Lind Design.  It's part of an education campaign to teach the public how to use the new experimental bicycle boxes, which are road markings allowing bicycles to more safely turn left across traffic.

Hypothesis Testing Flowchart

This was a personal project, a redesign of my stats professor's flowchart.  I needed to optimize it for visual learners so that I (a visual learner) could understand and remember it.  The variety of fonts, colours and shapes contain meaning, designed to differentiate and connect types of information.

Canada Post Learning Map

This learning map was made for for Canada post via Metrix Group as part of a training program for new employees.