Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drink and Draw Dec 2008

Here's a picture I drew with my left hand (I'm right handed) During last night's Drink and Draw gathering Michael Beyers put together at the Pennywhistle Pub in Guelph.

I drew this with a Bic pen (the kind you get at the store for $1.50 for a pack of 12) on some kind of decent bond paper, like printer paper, left over from a live caricature gig I did last year. I used to draw in Bic on bond all the time in high school... in the margins om my lecture notes. It's actually a really nice drawing tool because you can draw quite a range of light to dark with it.

Because of the glasses I thought this was looking a lot like Malcolm X... but I was drawing from my imagination and, upon photo research today discovered that the clothes do not make the man. My guy's face is quite different from the real Mr. X. So I just call this picture "Glasses Guy" now.

We had about 15 illustrators, cartoonists and artists show up. What was really cool about it is a) meeting and chilling out with a bunch of other illustrators and cartoonists and b) actually sitting down to draw whatever I feel like drawing! So many of us are so busy with drawing for clients and keeping up with life that we don't give ourselves the time to do the very thing that brought us into this career in the first place... which is having fun drawing stuff!

And that we did. We had a lot of laughs! You will likely find some hillarious cartoons from the event being posted someday soon on Michael's blog at If you haven't seen my illustration site yet, check out the comics section at There's some neat stuff on there... if I do say so myself.