Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Learning to Paint

I'm falling back in love with drawing. You know how sometimes you develop a skill and you go through periods where you're kind of used to it, you approach it the same way for a while and as good as it is, you don't get that excited, compelled feeling any more. Then you discover a new medium, or a new approach, or a new purpose for that skill and it becomes really exciting again.

This time around the floodgates were opened for me by learning one very simple trick in Photoshop that allows me to paint over my pencil drawings yet allows the pencil lines show right through the colour. Somehow this has brought out a whole new painterly obsession alive. Not only has it changed the way I colour my images, but also the things I want to explore in my drawings. I find myself staring at stuff, trying to figure out how to render the light, what colours would I pick to paint it. I'm all psyched about making pictures now! Here are some of the results of that.