Sunday, March 12, 2006

Calling all Skypers

Does anyone out there actually use Skype? I was all excited to to save piles of money on long distance calling by using it, and I've only made one call in the last two months since I bought the special headphones and switchbox... which cost me about $35 in the end. I think I saved a total of 50 cents by using it for that one call. All my friends who once had the service stopped using it and aren't particulartly interested in using it again. The one call I made was disorienting because the sound kept cutting out and I was never sure if I was being heard on the other end of the line. Perhaps this explains it's slow growth in popularity. (I think all of twenty people are listed as having it in Toronto in the the skype directory). Here I was thinking this was going to revolutionize the way I make calls. Now I've got this great headset and no one to use it with.

... Back when I was an in-house illustrator with my friends Nick Craine and Scott Chantler... we had this job drawing safety posters... we had to use these cheap markers that would gather inky bits of fibre at their tips as you drew and deposit them somewhere on your drawing, usually leaving a nice smudge there and on the edge of your hand too. Nick decided this stuff needed a name so he called it "skype". Chantler started referring to the markers as "skypers". Should have copyrighted that word, Nick! I hear the company was bought by ebay for a couple billion bucks! ... or maybe it was Google.