Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hey, Look! I'm Blogging!

Welcome to my first-ever blog! In 1996 I drew a one page comic story called Diary of a Moon-Man. It was a graphic extension of my real journal. Since then I’ve made several Moon-Man stories, had them published here and there, and now they sit on my website hoping someone will find and read them ( hint hint ;-)

I don’t journal to record what’s happening in my life, but more as a way of sorting out my thoughts on the things that are persisting in my head without finding resolution. I figure this blog could be an extension of that. Not only that but I’ll also be announcing coming events and news.

What kind of news, you ask? Well, like the fact that we’re running another vacation style travel photography class in Cuba next year! So fun! ( And we’re planning one for Italy too! More info coming up on that one.

So, what’s my thought for today? I’ve been studying so much personal development stuff over the last couple of years it’s starting to come out of my ears. I read a great book called “Mastery” about a decade ago and it talks about the cycle of learning, how you climb and climb and then you hit a plateau where everything just flattens out for a while, where you feel like your learning curve just got stopped. I’ve hit that plateau and at first it was really disappointing. I love the rush of learning stuff that’s full of potential to improve my life. So where’s that interest now? I was having so much fun! I want that feeling back but I’m just resisting the actual process…

“Process” seems to be the key word here. I can feel it happening. This last two years has been jam packed with great seminars and audios and books and coaching. Today I’m processing. I can feel the ideas turning in the back of my head, stirring like a thick soup, and my brain picking out the good bits and putting them aside for later… or sooner. I can feel something piecing together back there, and I can’t help but feel it’s something good.