Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yay Photography!

(like my nifty logo design?)
Trina has been teaching workshops through our studio for a decade and, if you can believe it I've never taken one of he classes! What a chump! I think it was an identity thing, like "she's the photographer, I'm the illustrator." I think also a part of me was afraid I'd end up becoming a professional photographer and my beloved illustration career would disappear. But the fact of the matter is that I really like photography a lot. Plus, I'm supposed to be the marketing manager for our workshops and I've never even been in one. I always knew they were great because I've seen them in action many times, and I've seen how much fun the students have. But I want to get in there and actually do it!

So, I bought new batteries for my Nikon F60 that's been on the shelf since I got it last spring, and tonight's the night! The first class of Trina's extraordinarily popular intro course,"Learn Photography", is starting tonight... and I'm gonna be in it. As of today there are three more spots available in the course if you're interested in taking it. Here's the course description and info:

Learn Photography, 7-9:30 Wednesdays March 8-April 19. $250.
Photography is all about light. How many of us pay attention to the light around us? Join us for a course that will open your eyes to a new way of seeing, of interpreting the world around you. You will learn both the technical and creative ingredients essential to making exciting, compelling images. This beginner workshop takes place in the fun and relaxed atmosphere of our professional studio, where questions are encouraged and the uniqueness of each student's emerging creative vision is supported and celebrated.

Gaining technical control of the manual function of your camera is a liberating experience; you are smarter than your camera! Through hands-on demonstrations, overheads and slides, we will reveal the mystery of how film speeds, shutter speeds and aperture settings combine to create the best exposure. We will use slides of master photographers work to discuss the principles and elements of design, the artistic language of composition. You will be encouraged to experiment with angles, perspectives and creative ways to fill the frame (the subject doesn't always have to be in the centre!). Throughout the course you will be introduced to the various styles of photography, landscape, portrait, documentary, still life and more.

A portion of the course is dedicated to learning the basics of fine black-and-white printing in our professional darkroom. Learning to make accurate test strips, to control contrast and brightness, to dodge and burn will help you to understand the underlying principles of programs like Photoshop, if you don't become another of our darkroom addicts. Many students discover this meditative, absorbing space and are hooked.

Once you have done some printing, we will have a guest speaker discuss archival matting and framing options to properly display and preserve your photographs.

Optional weekly assignments will deepen your understanding of key concepts as well as allow you to work and grow at your own level. The small group size (12 maximum, 2 instructors) provides the valuable opportunity of weekly critiques and individualised attention. These critiques are a highlight of the course for many students. By the end of the 7 weeks, you will have a mini-portfolio of images and a growing sense of your personal photographic vision.
The course culminates in a (relaxed) wine-and-cheese critique/celebration of our best work. By this point, you will have completed the cycle from shooting to printing to matting your completed image. On this night we will discuss how to speak about art in an informed, clear way.
This course is designed for never-held-a-camera beginners, as well as for those who have some knowledge of photography and wish to deepen their understanding and exploration of the medium. Upon completion of Learn Photography you are welcome to take any of our intermediate level courses.

If you cannot commit to 7 weeks, please check out our Crash Learn Photography course.
All courses are subject to GST. We GST. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cheque, and Cash. Gift certificates are available.

To sign up call us at 519-767-2948 or email
We're located at 260 waterloo avenue in Guelph, Ontario.